Byll and Beth launch the first video for
Teeny Tiny Stevies

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‘Diamonds For Your Tea’.

“With its symphonically inspired arrangements, when incredibly well-honed, gorgeous songs rip out of the speakers with a deep, warmly polished sound that is better than just about anything I have heard in recent history, you take notice.”
Sydney Morning Herald

“The Little Stevies and producer Jono Steer should stand up and take a bow.
What has just landed on these ears is a welcome respite from the daily rough and tumble, made possible by the sisters’ song-writing and confident, sweet, layered roots harmonies.”
The Age

“A honed, confident album of folk-influenced pop that ornaments the vocal and compositional flair of Sibylla & Bethany Stephen. Here the Melbourne duo are like a rootsier, more down home version of Azure Ray, with their atmospheric harmonies & ethereal sense of romance.”
Rolling Stone

“Recorded in nothing but a spare room, it’s no surprise that nearly every bleating instrument you hear on this record is being played by one of these lovely ladies themselves.”
Rip It Up Magazine