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Fri 23rd - Sun 25th, November
Queenscliff Music Festival
Queenscliff Vic

Thurs 27th Dec - Tues 1st, Jan
Woodford Folk Festival
Woodfordia QLD


the little stevies 

Perennial favourites, The Little Stevies are loved as much for their masterful songwriting ability as for their wondrous live performances. 

Byll & Beth have an uncanny knack to captivate an audience by being delightfully and unapologetically themselves. There's something alluring in the authenticity of their often hilarious storytelling. 

The sisters' songs tend to leave a lasting impression, with tales that are akin to your favourite stories put to music. Falling somewhere in the folk-pop musical landscape, they boast layered sibling harmonies, irresistible melodies and fascinating arrangements. 

Over the years the band have toured Australia, Canada, the US and New Zealand extensively which has earned them an exceptional reputation as a must see live act. 

Their many albums include 2008’s Love Your Band, 2010’s Attention Shoppers, and 2013’s Diamonds For Your Tea.

A few years ago they launched a kids’ music side project called Teeny Tiny Stevies which spread like wild fire and has taken on a life of it’s own. Via Teeny Tiny Stevies they are making ‘Kids music that doesn’t suck’ and their animations can be seen on ABC Kids television. They’ve written music for Sesame Studios and have released two studio albums to date, 2016’s Useful Songs For Little People, and 2018’s ‘Helpful Songs For Little People’, the latter out through ABC Music.